National Institute of Business Management

Academic Staff Members

Academic Staff Members

School of Business

Mr. R.A.K. Ranawaka
Director School of Business

MBA (University of Colombo – Sri Lanka)
BSc. (Agrc.) (Hons) (University of Peradeniya – Sri Lanka)
Advanced Diploma in Counseling Psychology
Utility Regulation and Strategy (University of Florida – USA)
Customer Service Management (Telia Academy – Sweden)
ICT Infrastructure (NTT East Corporation – Japan)

Ms. P Wickramasuriya
Head – Productivity & Development

MBA (University of Colombo – Sri Lanka)
BSc. (Hons) (University of Colombo – Sri Lanka)
Certificate in Lead Auditing of Quality Management Systems (DNV)

Dr.H Balalle
Head – Consultancies

MBA (Marketing 1st Class),
BBA, CPM -Asia Pacific,
Dip M (SL), MSLIM.

Ms. S Ameelan
Senior Lecturer / Consultant

MBA (University of Kelaniya)
BCom (Hons.) (University of Kerala)
CIMA (Final)
EYB (ILO), Entrepreneurs Development (Philippines)

Mr. K.N Tharanga
Lecturer / Consultant

MSc. in IT (University of Moratuwa)
BSc. Marketing Management (Special),

Ms. J. A.C Senarathna
Lecturer / Consultant

MBA (University of Colombo)
BCom (Marketing) Sp. (Hons) (University of Sri Jayawardenepura)
Chartered Marketer – CIM (UK)

Mr. T.B. Dewanarayana
Lecturer / Consultant

Master in Economics (University of Colombo)
BSc. in Business Administration (Special in Business Economics)

Ms. K. Kalaipriya
Lecturer / Consultant

MBA (University of Sri Jayawardenepura)
BBA Finance (Sp) Hons-(University of Colombo)
CIMA Passed Finalist

Mr B.B.P. Thilakarathne
Lecturer / Consultant

MSc in Industrial Engineering (Clemson University, SC, USA)
MSc in Mathematics concentration on Statistics (Georgia Southern University, GA, USA)
PGD in Business Management (University of Colombo)
BSc in Physics, Pure and Applied Mathematics, and, Computer Science (University of Colombo)

Ms. K.A.D. U. Jayatissa
Lecturer / Consultant
MSc in HRM (University of Colombo) BB Mgt (Banglore University)
Ms. P. Maithripala
Lecturer / Consultant

B.com(Sp) (University of Sri Jayewardenepura)

Mr. S.M Jayawardene
Lecturer / Consultant
MBA (University of Colombo) BBA (University of Colombo), ACMA (UK), Six Sigma Black Belt (BMGI India), IRCA Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 9001:2015 (DNV GL)
Ms. N Kuruppu
Lecturer / Consultant

Bachelor of Management Studies( Specialized in HR ) (Open University)

Ms. H K S H Kaushalya
Lecturer / Consultant

BSc(Hons) Accounting & Finance (Frist Class Honours) –(University of Plymouth UK)
MBA(Merit) –(University of West London UK)
CIMA passed finalist

Mr. P.M.H Perera
Lecturer / Consultant

B. Sc. in Business Management (HRM) (Special) - 1st Class Hons.
MBA (Master in Business Administration)
Advanced Diploma in Business Management (Distinction)

Ms. U.L.B.N Silva
Lecturer / Consultant

LL.B (Hons) Staffordshire University-(United Kingdom)
Attorney-at-Law -(Sri Lanka Law College)
B.A Specialized in International Relations- (University of Colombo)
Certificate Course in International Relations, Bandaranaike Centre for International Relations
Diploma in Korean Language (Level IV), Sejong Institute

Mr. K.K.W.S Rathnakumara
Lecturer / Consultant

Master of Business Administration – (University of Colombo)
B.Sc. General Degree (Industrial Management) – (University of Kelaniya)

School of Computing

Ms. G.C. Wickramasinghe
Director - School of Computing

MBA in MOT (University of Moratuwa)
M Comp (Singapore)
B Eng (Computer Science &Eng) (Bangalore University)

Ms. R.L De Zoysa
Senior Consultant / Lecturer

MSc in Information System Management -(University of Colombo )
Pgd ISM – (University of Colombo - Sri Lanka)
BSc in MIS (University College Dublin)

Mr. T.S.P. Weerasinghe
Lecturer / Consultant

MSc in IT (University of Moratuwa)
BSc. in MIS (Hons), (University College Dublin)

Mr. O.K.G.C. Weerasekara
Lecturer / Consultant

BSc Eng. (Hons), (University of Moratuwa-Sri Lanka)

Mr. K.V. Narangoda
Lecturer / Consultant

MBA in MOT (University of Moratuwa) (Gold Medal)
BSc. In MIS (Hons), (National University of Ireland)

Mr. K.A.M Maduranga
Lecturer / Consultant

MSc in Information Security-University of Colombo
Postgraduate Diploma in Information Security –(University of Colombo)
BCS-HEQ (UK) (British Computer Society)
CCAI -Cisco Certified Academic Instructor
MCT -Microsoft Certified Trainer
CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate (MCSE, MCT, CCNP, CCAI)

Ms. D.B.A.U. Hapuarachchi
Lecturer / Consultant
BA (Hons.)– (University of Colombo)
Mr.A.M.K.C Bandara
Lecturer / Consultant

MSc IS, MIET (London),
BEng (Hons) Digital Communication & Electronics,

Mr. R.G Manchanayake
Lecturer / Consultant

M Sc. In Computer Science – (University of Moratuwa)
B Sc. (Hons) Computer Science – (University of Colombo)

Ms. K.H Chandrasekara
Lecturer / Consultant

Bachelor of Science in Information Systems – (University of Colombo)
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Cisco Certified Academy Instructor

Mr. T.S De Silva
Lecturer / Consultant

MA in Buddhism - specializing in psychology –(University of Kelaniya)
BA Interactive Design -t (Queensland University of Technology -Australia)

School of Languages

Mr. K.D.S.N Wijayasiri
Head of Linguistics
MA Linguistics (University of Kelaniya) BA English (Sp) (University of Colombo) Dip. in English Distance Learning
Ms. R.A.M. Chathurani
Lecturer / Consultant

MA Linguistics (University of Kelaniya)
BA Languages (Hons) (University of Kelaniya)

Ms.H.A.E.A Harischandra
Lecturer / Consultant

MA (Linguistics) University of Kelaniya
BA (Eng. Special) University of Colombo
Diploma in Teaching and Education Studies (IDM & MOHE)
TKT (Cambridge)

Ms. A.G.M Katulanda
Lecturer / Consultant

MA in Linguistic (University of Kelaniya)
General Degree (University of Peradeniya)

School of Engineering

Ms. G.C. Wickramasinghe
Director – School of Engineering
MBA (University of Moratuwa) M Comp (Singapore) B Eng (Computer Science &Eng) (Bangalore University) AMIE(SL)
Mr. O.K.G.C. Weerasekara
Lecturer / Consultant
BSc Eng. (Hons), (University of Moratuwa-Sri Lanka)
Mr.A.M.K.C Bandara
Lecturer / Consultant
MSc IS, MIET (London), BEng (Hons) Digital Communication & Electronics, AMIIESL

School of Design

Ms. Dilani Gunasekera
Consultant/ Lecturer
Ms. Dinushka Wijesinghe
Consultant/ Lecturer
Ms. Prarthana Upamali Wijesiri
Consultant/ Lecturer
Ms. Ajani Samarasinghe
Consultant/ Lecturer

School of Humanities

Ms. Isuri Jayawickrema
Consultant/ Lecturer
Ms. Methmali Osada Munasinghe
Consultant/ Lecturer
Ms. Thisuri Liyanage
Consultant/ Lecturer

Business Analytics Centre

Mr. Thurairasa Balakumar
Consultant/ Lecturer

Students Life & Engagement

Dr. K.D. B. H Subasinghe
Head - Students Life & Engagement

Phd (Philosophy) (University of Peradeniya)
BSc (Information Technology) (SLIIT)
BSc (Information Technology) (Curtin University of Technology)