IoT Hackathon 2019

IoT Hackathon 2019 was held in NIBM on 12th September 2019. Technology and nature should not crash and clash, It should co-exist. In fact, technology should support the Nature with this brilliant idea. Considering recent events happened in Amazon forest as well as Ella Forest in Sri Lanka the Theme for the event was focused on wildfire. IoT, Internet of things, and IoE, Internet of Everything usually has the space of industries, workplaces or smart homes. With the concept of this event, the focus of supporting nature and IoT being a part of the whole Natural Habitat was taken into the theme where Over 10 schools with over 30 teams and over 30 teams from NIBM competed while brainstorming in order to find a solution for detection of wildfires and how the IoT device can stay in the wild without hurting the wild.

Winners from school level and the internal institute level were chosen separately even though they were brainstorming towards one theme, one goal. In an era where technology and the essence of life are separate, Lecturers Mr Chamika Bandara’s and Mr. Hasitha Rathnayaka’s amazing ideas of wildfire mitigation/ pre alerting and controlling came to life with efforts of NIBM IoT team. Craziest ideas often lead to Amazing stories, this event, From the arrangement of tables, use of drawing boards for presentation, made us connect with not only nature but also the essence of Sri Lanka where this event had the ambiance of old school collaboration while brainstorming for the future. 

IoT Hackathon was a very special event as it was also the largest IoT Hackathon in Sri Lanka where Students from schools as well as university students empowered each other, breaking down the norms of age, race and gender. Looking into what a sustainable future looks like while protecting our essence showing the world where we came from while finding the balance with natural wildlife seemed way to crazy in the beginning. However, with the hard work of team IoT, sleepless nights in the engineering lab, spending weeks without going home committing to the project proved that the more we thought about the idea the real it became. 

2019 is the beginning of the IoT Hackathon, but it will not be the end as we all saw how this movement can be taken into the future, empowering school children and university students, So that one day technology will not only be co-existing with nature but as we move to urban cities and urban farming, technology will help and support the protection. Technology will not erase our essence of our authenticness but it will enhance who we are. With that motivation team IoT Has taken its 1st step by successfully completing IoT Hackathon 2019.