Calibrating the future of southerners

Located at the heart of Matara city NIBM aims to provide world class education in the fields of Productivity, Management & information Technology. Our institute is equipped with state-of the art computer labs and modern learning facilities backed by a dedicated team of faculty and staff. NIBM Certificate is recognized both locally and internationally as it is a state owned organization functioning under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & skills development.

The deep South is no longer the only hub of tradition blended with spice or curd and treacle. It is the knowledge hub of the youth and adult professionals catering to the Sri Lankan needs and contexts seasoned with skills to win global challenges. 

The Southerners believed to be making changes everywhere in the world as they are equipped with the knowledge, skills and the attitudes fulfilling the high quality standards, which lay the platform for our product; the student generation with guaranteed success and recognition in the job market.

In moulding the lives of the youth and adults, the standards we maintain and the teaching and learning tools, materials and platforms we use are diverse and widely recognized ensuring the regular modernization of the global standards of learning.  The student generation is exposed to a wide variety of experience in not only the learning, but also in entertainment, religious and cultural activities and talent displays to excel in the competitive educational arena calibrating the true mark of the Sri Lankan Southerners. 


  • Ms. E A Theja Deepani (Consultant/Lecturer)
  • Ms. K H J Imalka (Consultant/Lecturer)
  • Ms.J.D.Dinithi Samindika (Consultant/Lecturer)
  • Ms Thilini Saseeka Ediriweera (Consultant/Lecturer)
  • Ms N N Gunasekara (Consultant/Lecturer)

  • Address:No. 26, NSB Building (2nd Floor), Anagarika Dharmapala Mw, Matara.
  • Hotline:+94 41 2237544
  • Telephone:+94 41 2237545
  • Fax:+94 41 2237546