NIBM Design Show 2019

Students of BA (Hons) Creative Multimedia from the School of Computing and Engineering at NIBM proudly presented “Design Show 2019” at NIBM Head Office on the 12th September 2019. The event boasted creativity coupled with technology and hard work which was reflected in the unique innovations done by the students. Invitees and guests had the opportunity to be marveled at the Innovative Exhibition where models of 3D, UI/UX, Ps, Ai, and photography could be seen. The event also comprised of a Film Festival where entertaining short films created and directed by the students were shown. Moreover, both fun and education were coupled in the series of games and workshops held at Design Show 2019. The workshops aimed at enriching the knowledge in the fields of UI, UX, Illustrator InDesign, and Photoshop. School children and industry experts had an opportunity to witness the achievements of the students at NIBM and share the joys and experiences with them.