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“Benchmarking Business Leaders”

NIBM School of Business offers a range of programmes that enables prospective students to start at practically any prior educational level and grow up to the highest levels in business education which also will enable them to reach the highest levels in the organization in any part of the world. The affiliations it holds with leading foreign universities, the recognition it holds from a variety of professional bodies from all over the world, and the reputation it has earned from the industry for producing high-calibre graduates have made the brand name of the NIBM School of Business famous and high-flying.


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Faculty Members

School of Business

Mr. Kolitha Ranawaka – Director School of Business
Ms. Pavithra Wickramasooriya – Head Productivity Division
Dr. Himendra Balalle – Head of Consultancy
Ms. Silojini Ameelan – Senior Consultant
Mr. Tharanga Kapuge  – Consultant Lecturer
Ms. Chulani Senarathne – Senior Lecturer
Mr. Baratha Dewanarayana – Senior Lecturer
Ms. Kalaipriya Kailasen – Consultant Lecturer
Ms. Dimani Jayatissa – Consultant Lecturer
Mr. Buddi Thilakarathne – Consultant Lecturer
Ms. Prasangika Maithripala – Consultant Lecturer
Mr.K N Tharanga – Senior Lecturer